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The re:style salon specializes in providing professional cosmetic services for those who value quality and time.

We use modern body care technologies, use the best brands, carry out various procedures such as manicure and pedicure, sugaring, lamination, painting and correction of eyebrows and eyelashes at any time convenient for the client, but by appointment, we love order and consistency in everything we do.

Among the special services you can get from us are manicures and pedicures for four hands for clients who value their time; magazines; wireless Internet; warranty coverage; the best techniques of sugaring; sensitive service; the best tea and coffee; yom kef.

In carrying out all procedures, we use tool kits that open from a one-time kraft package with the client, in order to maintain sterility. We sterilize the instrument not only according to the standards in Israel, but also additionally pre-clean it in ultrasound in a special solution, and then also under pressure and high temperature in the autoclave, making the instruments absolutely sterile. We also use disposable nail files for each new procedure.

Many loyal customers of the salon say that besides good technology, quality and attention to all important trifles, they like the ever-growing professionalism of our craftsmen, who are carefully selected: they all undergo intensive education and training, study the best modern technology and never stop on their laurels, constantly improving and improving their work.

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